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Surviving Raine. Shay Savage

my version of Sebastian Stark

my version of Sebastian Stark

I’ve finished reading this book in one day. Since then, I haven’t forgotten Sebastian Stark and I couldn’t move on to a new book. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I couldn’t put in writing what I felt for this book and for Sebastian. Moving on to a new book is like giving up on him. I SO LOVE SEBASTIAN especially when he changed himself for Raine.

Sebastian Stark isn’t your regular type of guy. Sebastian is an alcoholic chain-smoker sarcastic over-brooding bad-tempered total badass jerk. This isn’t your regular type honey-coated sweet book, either. Dark to some readers but for me, it isn’t. I guess, that depends on the reader’s definition of darkness.

The nice thing about this book, it gives me room to believe that no matter how f@cked up he lives, he can still change for the one person he loved most, Raine. It makes me think that no matter how f@ck up our present lives are, we could still change it if we work on it. That life, no matter what we would do, would always f@ck us up and that depends on how we would react on it.

This is about surviving Raine, life and love. I really love this book. And of course, I really love Sebastian Stark.


Adult Male: Not a Serial Killer, Looking for Love

Funny! I love it! 🙂

Nonlinear Navigations: Poetry and Prose

I’m a complex person, but
here goes
I promise
I’m not a serial killer.
I’m an introspective social
chameleon. I love
the good life. The screeching roar
of jet engines makes me
giddy. I’m happier
than I’ve ever been. I’m ravenous
for life and have razor-sharp teeth
at the plate. I am an open
book with sticky pages
and a good
read. I’m 99 pounds
of pure
dynamite. Adult

This is a found text poem using the first lines from men’s online dating profiles. The line breaks are mine, the text is copied directly from the profiles.


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