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Severus, Amoebiasis and my Stress



I noticed Severus Snape’s, my 4-month old seal point siamese cat, poop turned from hard to slimy to liquid black last Monday. I knew it’s serious because it was very different from the normal poop I used to see from him. I got a little worried about him. I changed his food from dry to wet, the canned one, which I bought immediately from the grocery store. I was kind of relieved to see him ate the wet food but his poop didn’t improve the following day. My gut is screaming at me: the culprit could be diarrhea! So I googled diarrhea and then found out the photo from Purina’s fecal scoring chart. I used this to compare his poop from the chart. Oh, boy. T R O U B L E, I thought.

Nestle Purina

Nestle Purina

Since nothing improved from his poop after I fed him the canned food,  I gave him boiled chicken with a little rice which I read from other cat websites. This is like going back to the basic. Feeding him with it would not upset his stomach, according to them. Ok, I thought. I could now breathe with it. I’m trying to calm here. Sorry. It’s my first time to have a pet cat. Now, I know it’s a H U G E responsibility. Going back, Severus ate every thing I gave him, just enough so as not to upset his stomach and help him digest it easily. I waited again. I’ve been documenting every single thing hoping that his health would improve.

Day 3, I saw his poop turned into light yellow and he threw up every thing he ate last night. O.H. G.O.D. I was so nervous. So, I googled our nearest Vet, the one our family used to call whenever my mother’s dog got into health trouble. Luckily, he has a Facebook account and immediately sent a text message to him if his office is open the following day. He said yes and advised me to come with the cat and fecal sample early morning.

Day 4, the Vet told me that Severus has amoebiasis. What the f@#% I was wondering were did he get it since I’ve been feeding him right and I never let him roam outside our house. Metronidazole was prescribed to Severus and I have to give it to him once a day.


The trouble is, I knew it would not be easy to administer liquid medication to a cat. So, I tried Youtube if there’s a video on how to give such. Luckily for me, there are videos on how to help me give medication and it’s proper way to handle him so as not to add more stress to Severus.  I applied what I’ve learned from the videos but some of the liquid medicines had spilled from his mouth which he tried not to swallow it but I hope some of it was able to go down his gut. I just only hope. Sigh.

I’m praying that my cat would improve his health now that he’s taking his medication. I just hope that he, Severus, would feel me that he needed to be obedient this time and listen to his human. Thank you Internet.

Thank you Google. Thank you Youtube. You are a blessing for me and my cat.